Hadoop World: Sqoop – Database Import for Hadoop

Categories: General

At Cloudera, we’re always working to make it easier for you to work with Hadoop and integrate Hadoop-based systems in with your existing data sources. One example of how we accomplish this is Sqoop, a database import tool developed at Cloudera that allows you to easily copy data between databases and HDFS. We originally announced this tool in June, but we’ve been steadily improving it since then. It can now talk with several more databases than before,

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Hadoop World: Security and API Compatibility

Categories: General Platform Security & Cybersecurity

Today’s Hadoop World talk comes from Owen O’Malley and talks about some of the biggest challenges facing Hadoop: Security and API Compatibility.

Over the past several months, Yahoo! has been leading the charge in both areas. This work will enable wider use of Hadoop within Yahoo! as well as lower the barrier for new users – particularly those working with sensitive data. A big thanks to Yahoo! and everyone else in the community helping out.

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