Event: August 24

Webinar | The Future of Hadoop – with Doug Cutting and Jeff Hammerbacher

With a community of over 500 contributors, Apache Hadoop and related projects are evolving at an ever increasing rate. Join the co-creator of Apache Hadoop, Doug Cutting, and Cloudera’s Chief Scientist, Jeff Hammerbacher, for a discussion of the most exciting new features being developed by the Apache Hadoop community.

The primary focus of the webinar will be the evolution from the Apache Hadoop kernel to the complete Apache Bigtop platform. We’ll cover important changes in the kernel, especially high availability for HDFS and the separation of cluster resource management and MapReduce job scheduling.

We’ll discuss changes to throughout the platform, including support for Snappy-based compression and the Avro data file format in all components, performance and security improvements across all components, and additional supported operating systems. Finally, we’ll discuss new additions to the platform, including Mahout for machine learning and HCatalog for metadata management, as well as important improvements to existing platform components like HBase and Hive.

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When:  August 24