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Cloudera Manager | Activity Monitoring & Operational Reports Demo Video

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In this demo video, Philip Zeyliger, a software engineer at Cloudera, discusses the Activity Monitoring and Operational Reports in Cloudera Manager.

Activity Monitoring

The Activity Monitoring feature in Cloudera Manager consolidates all Hadoop cluster activities into a single, real-time view. This capability lets you see who is running what activities on the Hadoop cluster, both at the current time and through historical activity views. Activities are either individual MapReduce jobs or those that are part of larger workflows (via Oozie,

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Thoughts on Cloudera and Cisco UCS reference architecture for Apache Hadoop

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Cloudera and Cisco jointly announced a reference architecture for running Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop (CDH) and Cloudera Manager on Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) last November. It was the first Apache Hadoop reference architecture assembled by Cisco, and is proudly certified by Cloudera.

I bring a different perspective on the Cloudera-Cisco relationship, as I worked for over five years in Cisco on the software powering the Nexus 5000 series switches and the Cisco Virtual Interface Card.

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Indexing Files via Solr and Java MapReduce

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Several weeks ago, I set about to demonstrate the ease with which Solr and Map/Reduce can be integrated. I was unable to find a simple, yet comprehensive, primer on integrating the two technologies. So I set about to write one.

What follows is my bare-bones tutorial on getting Solr up and running to index each word of the complete works of Shakespeare. Note: Special thanks to Sematext for looking over the Solr bits and making sure they are sane.

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Cloudera Manager | Log Management, Event Management and Alerting Demo Video

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In this demo, Henry Robinson, a software engineer at Cloudera, discusses the Log Management, Event Management and Alerting features in Cloudera Manager that help make sense out of all the discrete events that take place across the Hadoop cluster. He demonstrates how to search the logs valuable information, note important events that pertain to system health and create alerts to warn you when things go wrong.

Log Management

Every process in a Hadoop cluster regularly writes to a log file,

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