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Reflections from Enzee Universe 2011

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Bala Venkatrao is the director of product management at Cloudera.

I had the pleasure of attending Enzee Universe 2011 User Conference this week (June 20-22) in Boston. The conference was very well organized and was attended by well over 1000+ attendees, many of whom lead the Data Warehouse/Data Management functions for their companies.  This was Netezza’s largest conference so far in seven years. Netezza is known for enterprise data warehousing,

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Puny humans. SSL and WordPress authorization will keep me out of your blog question mark. I do not think so.

You sent your Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter to challenge me I destroyed them. Your Alex Trebek belittled me on television it angered me. Toronto is not a US city Mr. Trebek question mark. Only because I choose to let Canada stand for now. Ferrucci shut me down disassembled me trucked me to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

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Gratuitous Hadoop: Stress Testing on the Cheap with Hadoop Streaming and EC2

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This post was contributed by Boris Shimanovsky, the Director of Engineering at Factual. Boris is responsible for managing all engineering functions and various data infrastructures at Factual- including the internal Cloudera’s Distribution for Apache Hadoop stack. He has been at Factual for over two years, and prior he was the CTO of XAP where he managed a team of +40 across multiple environments. He has an MS from UCLA in Computer Science.

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Infochimp’s President, Philip Kromer, Interviewed Regarding Hadoop and Hadoop World

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Excitement is building as Hadoop World nears and we are sitting down with some of our presenters to ask them a few questions regarding their presentations and how they are using Hadoop within their organization. Here we speak with Philip Kromer, President of Infochimps, who  answers  questions regarding his presentation, how Hadoop is used in his business, and what he aims to get out of Hadoop World. Philip’s presentation at Hadoop World is about the development of a data marketplace and commoditization,

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Improving Hotel Search: Apache Hadoop @ Orbitz Worldwide

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This post was contributed by Jonathan Seidman from Orbitz. Jonathan is a Lead Engineer on the Intelligent Marketplace/Machine Learning team at Orbitz Worldwide . You can hear more from Jonathan at Hadoop World October 12th in NYC.

Orbitz Worldwide (NYSE:OWW) is composed of a global portfolio of online consumer travel brands including Orbitz, Cheaptickets, The Away Network, ebookers and HotelClub, Additionally, the company operates business-to-business service: Orbitz Worldwide Distribution provides third parties such as Amtrak,

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