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Meet the Project Founder: Roman Shaposhnik

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Todd This installment of “Meet the Project Founder” features Apache Bigtop founder and PMC Chair/VP Roman Shaposhnik.

What led you to your project idea(s)?

Conceptually, Apache Bigtop can actually be traced as far back as me working at Sun Microsystems in 2007-2008. I was assisting the team responsible for coming up with a 100% community-driven, open source Solaris distribution that could also be used as a basis for an enterprise-grade commercial product offering (which eventually became OpenSolaris).

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Meet the Project Founder: Doug Cutting (First in a Series)

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ToddAt Cloudera, there is a long and proud tradition of employees creating new open source projects intended to help fill gaps in platform functionality (in addition to hiring new employees who have done so in the past). In fact, more than a dozen ecosystem projects — including Apache Hadoop itself — were founded by Clouderans, more than can be attributed to employees of any other single company. Cloudera was also the first vendor to ship most of those projects as enterprise-ready bits inside its platform.

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Meet the Engineer: Mark Grover

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Mark Grover

In this installment, meet Cloudera Software Engineer/Apache Bigtop Committer Mark Grover (@mark_grover).

What do you do at Cloudera and in which Apache project are you involved?
I’m a Software Engineer at Cloudera, involved mostly with Apache Bigtop, an open source project aimed at building a community around packaging and interoperability testing of projects in the Apache Hadoop ecosystem.

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Meet the Instructor: Glynn Durham

Categories: Hadoop Meet the Engineer Training

In this installment of “Meet the Instructor,” we speak to San Francisco-based Glynn Durham, one of the big brains behind Cloudera’s Introduction to Data Science training and certification. 

What is your role at Cloudera?
I am a Senior Instructor with Cloudera University, which means I am a road warrior: I will travel anywhere to teach anything to anyone.

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Meet the Engineer: Kathleen Ting

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In this installment of “Meet the Engineer”, get to know Customer Operations Engineering Manager/Apache Sqoop committer Kathleen Ting (@kate_ting).

What do you do at Cloudera, and in what open-source projects are you involved?
I’m a support manager at Cloudera, and an Apache Sqoop committer and PMC member. I also contribute to the Apache Flume and Apache ZooKeeper mailing lists and organize and present at meetups, as well as speak at conferences,

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