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Capacity Planning with Big Data and Cloudera Manager

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Thanks to Bill Podell, VP Big Data and BI Practice, MBI Solutions, for the guest post below.

Capacity planning has long been a critical component of successful implementations for production systems. Today, Big Data calls for a particularly deep understanding of capacity management – because resource utilization explodes as business users, analysts, and data scientists jump onboard to analyze and use newly found data. The resource impact can escalate very quickly,

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How-to: Extend Cloudera Manager with Custom Service Descriptors

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Thanks to Jonathan Natkins of WibiData for the post below about how his company extended Cloudera Manager to manage Kiji. Learn more about Kiji and the organizations using it to build real-time HBase applications at Kiji Sessions, happening on May 6, 2014, the day after HBaseCon.

As a partner of Cloudera, WibiData sees Cloudera Manager’s new extensibility framework as one of the most exciting parts of Cloudera Enterprise 5.

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Meet the Engineer: Andrei Savu

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In this installment of “Meet the Engineer”, our subject is Andrei Savu!

What do you do at Cloudera?

At Cloudera I work on cloud deployment automation and general platform improvements to make sure everything runs smoothly on elastic infrastructure when using various managed services. My team builds on top of Cloudera Manager and we integrate with different cloud provider APIs to provision production Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub Edition clusters on-demand,

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Cloudera Enterprise 5 is Now Generally Available!

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The GA release of Cloudera Enterprise 5 signifies the evolution of the platform from a mere Apache Hadoop distribution into an enterprise data hub.

We are thrilled to announce the GA release of Cloudera Enterprise 5 (comprising CDH 5.0 and Cloudera Manager 5.0).

When it became generally available 18 months ago, Cloudera Enterprise 4 was widely recognized to be more flexible, more scalable, and less expensive than traditional data management platforms;

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Cloudera Enterprise 5 Beta 2 is Available: More New Features and Components

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Cloudera has released the Beta 2 version of Cloudera Enterprise 5 (comprises CDH 5.0.0 and Cloudera Manager 5.0.0). 

This release (download) contains a number of new features and component versions including the ones below:

New Components

  • Apache Spark 0.9
  • Apache Crunch 0.9
  • Parquet 1.2.5
  • Kite SDK  0.10
  • Apace Avro 1.7.5

Apache Hadoop

  • Rebase to Hadoop 2.2.0+
  • HDFS
  • HDFS Caching
  • NFS gateway

Cloudera Manager

  • Support for Apache Spark
  • Oozie and YARN Resource Manager High Availability
  • Extensibility to support add-on services
  • Enhancements to Monitoring &

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