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What I Learned During My Summer Internship at Cloudera

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Catherine Ray, a Summer Intern at Cloudera this year, was kind enough to summarize her experiences for you below. Best of luck in your new field, Catherine!

I’m currently 16 and a rising senior at George Mason University, majoring in Computational Physics. (The full title is Computational and Data Sciences with a concentration in Physics.).

I had a wonderful time working on my project. In short, I worked on an Apache Hadoop-based downloads tracking system.

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What the Hack! The Story of the Cloudera Hackathon

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Every growing, dynamic engineering culture needs a hackathon every once in a while. 

Earlier this week, Cloudera put that thought into action with a two-day, around-the-clock “What the Hack!” internal hackathon in our Palo Alto offices, with our friends from Accel Partners underwriting the omnipresent food and beverage (thanks!). The carrot: “Fun surprise awards, and most important, the rights to brag about your cool hacking ideas.”

The morning began with a warm and festive welcome:

The hacking proceeded forthwith.

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