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CDH4 and Cloudera Enterprise 4.0 Now Available

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I’m very pleased to announce the immediate General Availability of CDH4 and Cloudera Manager 4 (part of the Cloudera Enterprise 4.0 subscription).  These releases are an exciting milestone for Cloudera customers, Cloudera users and the open source community as a whole.

Both CDH4 and Cloudera Manager 4 are chock full of new features. Many new features will appeal to enterprises looking to move  more important workloads onto the Apache Hadoop platform.

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Hue 2.0 Packs New Features in a Refreshing UI

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Hue 2.0.1 has just been released. 2.0.1 represents major improvement on top of the Hue 1.x series. To list a few key new features:

  • Frontend has been re-implemented as full screen pages.
  • Hue supports LDAP (OpenLDAP and Active Directory). Hue can be configured to authenticate against LDAP. Additionally, Hue can import users and groups from LDAP, and refresh group membership from LDAP.
  • Hue supports per-application authorization.

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CDH3 update 4 is now available

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We are happy to officially announce the general availability of CDH3 update 4. This update consists primarily of reliability enhancements as well as a number of minor improvements.

First, there have been a few notable HBase updates. In this release, we’ve upgraded Apache HBase to upstream version 0.90.6, improving system robustness and availability. Also, some of the recent hbck changes were incorporated to better detect and handle various types of corruptions. Lastly, HDFS append support is now disabled by default in this release as it is no longer needed for HBase.

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How Treato Analyzes Health-related Social Media Big Data with Hadoop and HBase

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This is a guest post by Assaf Yardeni, Head of R&D for Treato, an online social healthcare solution, headquartered in Israel.

Three years ago I joined Treato, a social healthcare analysis firm to help scale up to its present capability. Treato is a new source for healthcare information where health-related user generated content (UGC) from the Internet is aggregated and organized into usable insights for patients,

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Introducing CDH4 Beta 2

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I’m pleased to inform our users and customers that we have released the Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop version 4 (CDH4) 2nd and final beta today. We received great feedback from the community from the first beta and this release incorporates that feedback as well as a number of new enhancements.

CDH4 has a great many enhancements compared to CDH3.

  • Availability – a high availability namenode, better job isolation, improved hard disk failure handling,

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