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FAQ: Understanding the Parcel Binary Distribution Format

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[Ed. Note, added May 17, 2016: Much of information below is now outdated/deprecated. For current information about the parcel format, see the documentation.]

Have you ever wished you could upgrade to the latest CDH minor release with just a few mouse clicks, and even without taking any downtime on your cluster? Well, with Cloudera Manager 4.5 and its new “Parcel” feature, you can!

That release introduced many new features and capabilities related to parcels,

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SCM Express: Now Anyone Can Experience the Power of Apache Hadoop

Categories: CDH General

Phil Langdale is a software engineer at Cloudera and the technical lead for Cloudera’s SCM Express product.

What is SCM Express?

As powerful and useful as Apache Hadoop is, anyone who has setup up a cluster from scratch is well aware of how challenging it can be: every machine has to have the right packages installed and correctly configured so that they can all work together,

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