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Watching the Clock: Cloudera’s Response to Leap Second Troubles

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At 5 pm PDT on June 30, a leap second was added to the Universal Coordinated Time (UTC). Within an hour, Cloudera Support started receiving reports of systems running at 100% CPU utilization. The Support Team worked quickly to understand and diagnose the problem and soon published a solution. Bugs due to the leap second coupled with the Amazon Web Services outage would make this Cloudera’s busiest support weekend to date.

Since Hadoop is written in Java and closely interoperates with the underlying OS,

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Sqoop Graduation Meetup

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This blog was originally posted on the Apache Blog:

Cloudera hosted the Apache Sqoop Meetup last week at Cloudera HQ in Palo Alto. About 20 of the Meetup attendees had not used Sqoop before, but were interested enough to participate in the Meetup on April 4th. We believe this healthy interest in Sqoop will contribute to its wide adoption. 

Not only was this Sqoop’s second Meetup but also a celebration for Sqoop’s graduation from the Incubator,

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Apache Sqoop: Highlights of Sqoop 2

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Apache Sqoop (incubating) was created to efficiently transfer bulk data between Hadoop and external structured datastores, such as RDBMS and data warehouses, because databases are not easily accessible by Hadoop. Sqoop is currently undergoing incubation at The Apache Software Foundation. More information on this project can be found at

The popularity of Sqoop in enterprise systems confirms that Sqoop does bulk transfer admirably.

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Inaugural Sqoop Meetup

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This blog was originally posted on the Apache Blog:

Over 30 people attended the inaugural Sqoop Meetup on the eve of Hadoop World in NYC. Faces were put to names, troubleshooting tips were swapped, and stories were topped – with the table-to-end-all-tables weighing in at 28 billion rows.

I started off the scheduled talks by discussing “Habits of Effective Sqoop Users.” One tip to make your next debugging session more effective was to provide more information up front on the mailing list such as versions used and running with the –verbose flag enabled.

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