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Building Lambda Architecture with Spark Streaming

Categories: Kafka Spark

The versatility of Apache Spark’s API for both batch/ETL and streaming workloads brings the promise of lambda architecture to the real world.

Few things help you concentrate like a last-minute change to a major project.

One time, after working with a customer for three weeks to design and implement a proof-of-concept data ingest pipeline, the customer’s chief architect told us:

You know, I really like the design –

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The Hadoop FAQ for Oracle DBAs

Categories: Hadoop

Oracle DBAs, get answers to many of your most common questions about getting started with Hadoop.

As a former Oracle DBA, I get a lot of questions (most welcome!) from current DBAs in the Oracle ecosystem who are interested in Apache Hadoop. Here are few of the more frequently asked questions, along with my most common replies.

How much does the IT industry value Oracle DBA professionals who have switched to Hadoop administration,

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