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A Big Thank You to All Who Participated In Making HBaseCon and the HBase Hack-a-thon A Success

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HBaseCon 2012 summation provided by Michael Stack, PMC Chair of the Apache HBase Project. HBase Hack-a-thon summation provided by David Wang, Engineering Manager for the Cloudera HBase team.

HBaseCon 2012 Summation

HBaseCon 2012, the first ever Apache HBase focused conference has come and gone. Maybe folks were being polite but going by my informal survey, HBaseCon 2012 was a high-quality, community event (The after-parties weren’t bad either). By all accounts,

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CDH3 update 4 is now available

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We are happy to officially announce the general availability of CDH3 update 4. This update consists primarily of reliability enhancements as well as a number of minor improvements.

First, there have been a few notable HBase updates. In this release, we’ve upgraded Apache HBase to upstream version 0.90.6, improving system robustness and availability. Also, some of the recent hbck changes were incorporated to better detect and handle various types of corruptions. Lastly, HDFS append support is now disabled by default in this release as it is no longer needed for HBase.

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Apache HBase Hackathon at Cloudera

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Cloudera will be hosting an Apache HBase hackathon on May 23rd, 2012, the day after HBaseCon 2012.  The overall theme of the event will be 0.96 stabilization.  If you are in the area for HBaseCon, please come down to our offices in Palo Alto the next day to attend the hackathon.  This is a great opportunity to contribute some code towards the project and hang out with other HBasers.

More details are on the hackathon’s Meetup page.

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March 2012 Bay Area HBase User Group meetup summary

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The Bay Area HBase User Group March 2012 meetup was held at the StumbleUpon offices in San Francisco, California. 80 interested Apache HBasers were in attendance to mingle and listen to the scheduled presentations.

Michael Stack started the meetup by reminding folks to register for HBaseCon 2012 in San Francisco on May 22nd.  Nick Dimiduk and Cloudera’s Amandeep Khurana then announced an early access program for their upcoming book, HBase In Action.

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Thoughts on Cloudera and Cisco UCS reference architecture for Apache Hadoop

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Cloudera and Cisco jointly announced a reference architecture for running Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop (CDH) and Cloudera Manager on Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) last November. It was the first Apache Hadoop reference architecture assembled by Cisco, and is proudly certified by Cloudera.

I bring a different perspective on the Cloudera-Cisco relationship, as I worked for over five years in Cisco on the software powering the Nexus 5000 series switches and the Cisco Virtual Interface Card.

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