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Updates to Cloudera Manager 4.6

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The news this morning focused on the launch of Cloudera Search, an exciting new capability for our platform that was much anticipated by our customers and engineers. Also released at the same time is a new release of Cloudera Manager (4.6).

Cloudera Manager 4.6 includes a number of enhancements as well as improvements in quality and usability. (A follow-on blog post will do a deep dive on the new features and functions.) Most notable in Cloudera Manager 4.6 is that the free version (included in Cloudera Standard) is greatly enhanced. Cloudera Standard now includes monitoring,

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CDH 4.3 is Released!

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I’m pleased to announce that CDH 4.3 is released and available for download. This is the third quarterly update to our GA shipping CDH 4 line and the 17th significant release of our 100% open source Apache Hadoop distribution.

CDH 4.3 is primarily focused on maintenance. There are more than 400 bug fixes included in this release across the components of the CDH stack. This represents a great step forward in quality,

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The Platform for Big Data is Here

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It has been an exciting couple of days for new product announcements at Cloudera — exciting especially for me as the edges of the new platform for big data we have been talking about since Strata + Hadoop World 2012 come into focus.

Yesterday, Cloudera announced a strategic alliance with SAS. SAS is the industry leader in business analytics software, especially predictive analytics. Ninety percent of the Fortune 100 run SAS today.

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Open Source, Flattery, and The Platform for Big Data

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It has been a busy time for announcements coinciding with this week’s Strata conference. There’s no corner of the technology world that has not embraced Apache Hadoop as the new platform for big data.  Apache Hadoop began as a telegram from the future from Google, turned into real software by Doug Cutting while on a freelance assignment. While Hadoop’s origins are surprising, its ongoing popularity is not – open source has been a major contributing factor to Hadoop’s current ubiquity.

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New Products and Releases: Cloudera Navigator, Cloudera Enterprise BDR, and More

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Today is an exciting day for Cloudera customers and users. With an update to our 100% open source platform and a number of new add-on products, every software component we ship is getting either a minor or major update. There’s a lot to cover and this blog post is only a summary. In the coming weeks we’ll do follow-on blog posts that go deeper into each of these releases.

New Products

We’re now supporting several hundred production Hadoop clusters.

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