Congratulations to the Cloudera Community’s New Champions

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Please help us congratulating Alina Gherman and Nishanth Shajahan, the first members of the Cloudera Community Champions Program.

As the leading provider of data management and analytics built on Apache Hadoop, Cloudera understands that a thriving open source ecosystem requires a thriving community. Cloudera and open source are built upon the very premise of community, and community remains a core tenant of its business. We are proud of the fact that our engineers contribute more to upstream Hadoop ecosystem projects than any Hadoop vendor, and we are proud of our commitment to fostering an open and free online community of users.

Community Maturity

Previously, we shared how the Cloudera Community has seen tremendous growth over the past calendar year and now we’d like to tell you about how we are evolving. As with all communities, there comes a time when leaders begin to naturally rise to the top. These are passionate people who spend many hours of their free time investing in their peers and giving back to the community with no promise of payment in return. These selfless acts of sharing knowledge and helping their peers troubleshoot problems are what contribute to a thriving community and are part of the natural progression of community maturation.

The significance to the Cloudera Community’s long-term health of these community leaders cannot be understated. Much like Doug Cutting mentioned in his recent blog post about the “Enterprise” and “Hacker” traditions merging and collaborating to make Hadoop a success, a vendor cannot force a community to thrive. Community depends on the shared passion and efforts of thousands of people, facilitated by the careful stewardship of a community management team.

The 90-9-1 Rule

Thriving communities typically contain three classes of users. Experts have coined it the “90-9-1 Rule.”  It is more of a “rule of thumb” than a hard statistic, but it generally applies to most online communities.


Ninety percent of community members are referred to as “lurkers.” These are folks who consume information from the community and watch the activity casually, but do not engage. You know who you are, and that’s ok, because we all do it.  We love our lurkers because they contribute the lion’s share of overall community traffic and help us curate knowledge by voting with their page views on the most valuable content. We pay attention to the lurker and learn from their behavior by prioritizing content with the most page views.

Nine percent of community members will actively engage with their peers, posting new topics, replying to other people’s questions, awarding Kudos to their peers, rating a Community Knowledge Article, or contributing to the community in one tangible way or another.

One percent of community members will become super users. These super users quite often create a majority of all content and knowledge in a community. The depth of their skill and knowledge coupled with their willingness to spend hours per day sharing it is crucial to building a place where all members find value.

The community team at Cloudera is both proud and humbled to announce today that we have launched our inaugural Cloudera Community Champions program and would like you to help us in congratulating our first members:


Alina Gherman and Nishanth Shajahan

We expect to see more Champions added to the ranks throughout the year and look forward to the continued contributions these community leaders will make to the Hadoop ecosystem. Members of our Community Champions program, receive special privileges and perks, like conference discounts and elevated community privileges, among other things, but they also gain visibility and recognition among their peers as experts in the platform. You can recognize them by their Champion rank and “trophy” icon in the community.

Alina and Nishanth: here’s to you and your membership in that elite club called Cloudera Community Champions!

Cloudera thanks you, your peers thank you!

You can follow the Cloudera Community on Twitter via @ClouderaComm.

Clint Heath (@heathc93) is Cloudera’s Community Manager.

Cy Jervis (@CyJervis) is Cloudera’s Community Moderator.