Community Meetups at Strata + Hadoop World NYC 2015

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Strata + Hadoop World 2015 NYC is more than a daytime conference; it’s also a nighttime meetup experience. (Plus, there are a bunch of book signings.)

It won’t be long before we’re all in NYC for Strata + Hadoop World (Sept. 29-Oct. 1; if you haven’t registered yet, a 20% discount is still available). So, consider for your evening agenda:

  • NYC Big Data Meetup (Sept. 28 @ 630pm)
    Learn how to provision Hadoop clusters in multiple types of public/private clouds. 
  • Apache Sentry User Meetup (Sept. 28 @ 7pm)
    Learn the latest roadmap and hear Nong Li present on enforcing Sentry permissions in MR, Apache Spark, and beyond. 
  • New York Hadoop User Group (Sept. 29 @ 630pm)
    Todd Lipcon, Hadoop PMC, will present on “Resolving Transactional Access/Analytic Performance Trade-offs in Apache Hadoop.” 
  • NYC Data Science (Sept. 29 @ 7pm) 
    Data scientists Juliet Hougland will offer some best practices for  using PySpark (Apache Spark’s Python API).
  • Spark Lightning Night (Sept. 29 @ 7pm)
    An evening of Apache Spark lightning talks, including Imran Rashid (Spark committer) on Spark apps, Kostas Sakellis (Spark contributor) on Spark ops, and Romain Rigaux (Hue committer) on Spark end users.
  • Impala User Group (Sept. 29 @ 6pm)
    A trio of Lightning Talks on using Impala as a service back-end, nested types, and resource management.
  • New York Spark Meetup (Sept. 29 @ 630pm)
    Join a discussion about the future for the Spark platform with its committers.
  • New York Python Meetup Group (Sept. 29 @ 7pm)
    Catch a Wes McKinney talk Python development at Hadoop scale vis Ibis.
  • Apache Kafka NYC (Sept. 29 @ 630pm)
    Jay Kreps. What else do you need to know?
  • NYC Machine Learning (Sept. 29, time and venue TBD)
    Sean Owen (Spark committer) talks about Lambda architecture on Spark and Kafka for real-time large scale machine learning.
  • HBase NYC (Sept. 29 @ 7pm, venue TBD)
    Talks are TBD, but it’s happening!

And here are some other activities that may interest you (we pre-viewed sessions and tutorials in a
previous post):

  • Tom White will sign copies of Hadoop: The Definitive Guide (4th ed) at the Cloudera exhibit on Sept. 29 @ 6pm.
  • Jean-Marc Spaggiari and Kevin O’Dell, authors of Architecting HBase Applications (forthcoming from O’Reilly), will sign advance copies at the Cloudera exhibit on Sept. 30 at 1pm.
  • The authors of Advanced Analytics with Spark (Uri Laserson. Sean Owen, Sandy Ryza, Josh Wills) will sign copies at the Cloudera exhibit on Sept. 30 at 545pm.
  • Meet Cloudera’s Apache Spark committers (Sean Owen, Imran Rashid, Sandy Ryza, Marcelo Vanzin) at the Cloudera exhibit in a panel at the Cloudera exhibit on Sept. 30 at 610pm.
  • Ben Spivey and Joey Echeverria, authors of Hadoop Security, will sign books at the Cloudera exhibit on Oct. 1 at 6pm.
  • The Developer Showcase floor plan is set! Only on Sept. 30 between 11am and 7pm (look for it on the Expo floor), you can get demos of a dozen big data-related open source projects (such as Jupyter, Druid, Stargate, HadoopInspector, and others) directly from their founders/maintainers. It’s a great front-seat view into the grass roots of the ecosystem!