The Story of the Cloudera Engineering Hackathon (2014 Edition)

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Cloudera’s culture is premised on innovation and teamwork, and there’s no better example of them in action than our internal hackathon.

Cloudera Engineering doubled-down on its “hackathon” tradition last week, with this year’s edition taking an around-the-clock approach thanks to the HQ building upgrade since the 2013 edition (just look at all that space!).

This year, Cloudera software engineers had 24 straight hours to conceive, build, and present their hacks to a panel of celebrity judges. Thanks to a steady supply of solid- and liquid-state fuel, stimulation, and all-around great attitude, pet projects like OYA (“Oozie squeezing the hell out of YARN”), Cloudera Vacuum, HiveKa (Apache Hive-on-Apache Kafka), YARN-on-Mesos, and the Cloudera Data Science Sports Division saw the light of day, and there was much rejoicing.

And now, the Cloudera Engineering Hackathon 2014 in pictures (most photos by Jarcec Cecho):

 The tone was set early as peeps arrived:

Caffeine as a Service (CaaS) is always an important ingredient:

The ingredients didn’t stop at caffeine though:

With tanks full, it was time to start hacking…

And hacking…

And hacking some more (SO serious).

I’m pretty sure this photo was taken at 2 or 3am (but not by me!), is it obvious?

The presentations were grueling for everyone involved:

With our extra-intimidating judges involved, how could they not be?

But when all was said and done, the winners were ecstatic:


And that’s the story of the Cloudera Engineering Hackathon (2014 Edition).

Justin Kestelyn is Cloudera’s developer outreach director.