Progress Report: Cloudera Community Forums After One Year

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Cloudera Community forums are proving their value as an important contributor to a rich user experience.

It’s been almost exactly one year since the debut of the Cloudera Community forums. In addition to doing the birthday shout-out, I thought it would be interesting to bring you up to date about adoption and usage patterns.

Launched in response to candid feedback from our customers, use of these forums has been steadily growing, with thousands of registered members today and many more joining each month. They contain hundreds of solved threads that have been viewed well over 1 million times, proving the value they add to other Apache Hadoop users.

The one-year-anniversary numbers tell the full story:

  • Logins to date: 64,574
  • Posts to date: 7,402
  • Sessions to date: 1,862,154
  • Page views to date: 2,633,211
  • “Solution” views to date: 1,249,207 (almost half of all page views!)
  • Average time on site per session: about 15 minutes
  • Percentage of topics with at least one response: 68%

Just look at those pretty trend lines:

 Green: message views; Orange: page views; Purple: user sessions

Top 5 search keywords:

  1. ec2
  2. hbase
  3. impala
  4. spark
  5. aws 

Top 5 most active users to date (non-employees) based on overall engagement – special thanks and congrats to you folks, you get a T-shirt!:

  1. Avin
  2. beth.klein
  3. jtrav
  4. Andre Araujo 
  5. james.sirota 

There’s still work to do, however. For example, we need to do a better job encouraging users to give “kudos” and mark correct answers as “solutions.” Doing so ensures that the most helpful users are recognized for their contributions, and makes it easier for people with similar issues to find the answers they need. And although the percentage of topics with a response is pretty high, we’d be happier with 100%.

All in all, we hope that you’ll give these forums a try, if you haven’t already — we believe that they’re an important part of a rich user experience, so we’re going to continue to invest in their (and your) success.

Justin Kestelyn is Cloudera’s developer outreach director.


One response on “Progress Report: Cloudera Community Forums After One Year

  1. Matt Asay

    Love this, Justin. Really well done. It’s one thing to build a place for people to congregate but quite another to make it meaningful so they’ll want to.