HBaseCon 2014 is a Wrap!

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HBaseCon 2014 is in the books. Thanks to all attendees, speakers, and sponsors!

HBaseCon 2014, much like a butterfly, lived for a short number of hours on Monday — but it certainly was beautiful while it lasted! (See photos here.)

Based on what I saw and heard yesterday, I believe we can agree on a few things:

  • Apache HBase is incredibly prevalent (across industries and geographies); more than most people realize.
  • HBase can easily become engrained. Some users bet their entire businesses on it, and then never looked back.
  • HBase’s best days are ahead of it. If we are to believe Carter Page’s (Google Bigtable team) observation that HBase lags Bigtable by three years, based on Carter’s keynote, there are some awesome developments in store (if taken up by the community).
  • The ecosystem is vibrant, and becoming more so. Although we saw signs of that vibrancy in 2013, this year, the “Ecosystem” track was the most popular among attendees – with Apache Phoenix (very soon to be a TLP) and OpenTSB sessions pulling in particularly big crowds. New examples include Jive Software’s Tasmo, the open-sourcing of which was announced at the conference.
  • HBaseCon is not only a feast for the brain, but a feast for the senses. Fun!

We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did. Thanks again to the entire HBase community for its passion for making HBaseCon great! (Update: Presentations and recordings are now available.)

So, the HBaseCon 2014 may be over, but the “afterglow” will last for some time! 


8 responses on “HBaseCon 2014 is a Wrap!

    1. Justin Kestelyn (@kestelyn) Post author

      Won’t be long now! Processing the audio/slides takes time.

    1. Justin Kestelyn (@kestelyn) Post author

      Both slides and audio will be available very soon – probably by end of June.