Sneak Preview: "Features & Internals" Track at HBaseCon 2014

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The HBaseCon 2014 “Features & Internals” track covers the newest developments in Apache HBase functionality.

The HBaseCon 2014 (May 5, 2014 in San Francisco) agenda has something for everyone – particularly, developers building apps on HBase. Thanks again, Program Committee!

HBaseCon is just a few short weeks away, so don’t wait to register.

  • “Bulk Loading in the Wild: Ingesting the World’s Energy Data”
    Eric Chang (Opower) and Jean-Daniel Cryans (Cloudera)
    HBase is designed to store your big data and provide low latency random access to that data. One of its most compelling features is Bulk Loading, which enables the generation of HFiles that can then be passed to the RegionServers. Opower’s energy insights platform uses it to ingest the hundreds of millions of meter reads it receives daily from its partner utility companies. This presentation will walk you through the HBase Bulk Loading process and Opower’s adoption of it as an important piece of its HBase ecosystem.
  • “HBase at Xiaomi”
    Liang Xie and Honghua Feng (Xiamoi)
    This talk covers the HBase environment at Xiaomi, including thoughts and practices around latency, hardware/OS/VM configuration, GC tuning, the use of a new write thread model and reverse scan, and block index optimization. It will also include some discussion of planned JIRAs based on these approaches.
  • “HBase: Extreme Makeover”
    Vladimir Rodionov (
    This talks introduces a totally new implementation of a multilayer caching in HBase called BigBase. BigBase has a big advantage over HBase 0.94/0.96 because of an ability to utilize all available server RAM in the most efficient way, and because of a novel implementation of a L3 level cache on fast SSDs. The talk will show that different type of caches in BigBase work best for different type of workloads, and that a combination of these caches (L1/L2/L3) increases the overall performance of HBase by a very wide margin.
  • “HBase Read High Availability Using Timeline-Consistent Region Replicas”
    Enis Soztutar and Devaraj Das (Hortonworks)
    HBase has ACID semantics within a row that make it a perfect candidate for a lot of real-time serving workloads. However, single homing a region to a server implies some periods of unavailability for the regions after a server crash. Although the mean time to recovery has improved a lot recently, for some use cases, it is still preferable to do possibly stale reads while the region is recovering. In this talk, you will get an overview of our design and implementation of region replicas in HBase, which provide timeline-consistent reads even when the primary region is unavailable or busy.
  • “HBase: Where Online Meets Low Latency”
    Nick Dimiduk (Hortonworks) and Nicolas Liochon (Scaled Risk)
    HBase is an online database so response latency is critical. This talk will examine sources of latency in HBase, detailing steps along the read and write paths. We’ll examine the entire request lifecycle, from client to server and back again. We’ll also look at the different factors that impact latency, including GC, cache misses, and system failures. Finally, the talk will highlight some of the work done in 0.96+ to improve the reliability of HBase.
  • “New Security Features in Apache HBase 0.98: An Operator’s Guide”
    Andrew Purtell and Ramkrishna Vasudevan (Intel)
    HBase 0.98 introduces several new security features: visibility labels, cell ACLs, transparent encryption, and coprocessor framework changes. This talk will cover the new capabilities available in HBase 0.98+, the threat models and use cases they cover, how these features stack up against other data stores in the Apache big data ecosystem, and how operators and security architects can take advantage of them.
  • “State of HBase: Meet the Release Managers”
    HBase release managers Lars Hofhansl, Andrew Purtell, Enis Soztutar, Michael Stack, and Liyin Tang jointly present highlights from their releases, and take your questions throughout.

Interested yet? If not, next week, we’ll offer a preview of the “Ecosystem” track.

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