Meet the Engineer: Andrei Savu

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In this installment of “Meet the Engineer”, our subject is Andrei Savu!

What do you do at Cloudera?

At Cloudera I work on cloud deployment automation and general platform improvements to make sure everything runs smoothly on elastic infrastructure when using various managed services. My team builds on top of Cloudera Manager and we integrate with different cloud provider APIs to provision production Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub Edition clusters on-demand, and continuously manage them.

I am a member of the Apache Whirr PMC and I have previously contributed to Apache jclouds, Apache Provisionr (now retired), Apache ZooKeeper, and other smaller projects.

Why do you enjoy your job?

I see my job as a tremendous opportunity to make a lasting contribution. The technical challenges we have to deal with are very interesting. Through customer conversations we get to discover and define new data storage and processing architectures that take advantage of infrastructure elasticity, and we use that feedback to implement improvements across the platform.

I believe that sooner or later we will have programatic access to any datacenter infrastructure component and fully automated deployments will become the norm. I like to think I am building technology for a future where our ability to ask meaningful questions on increasing amounts of data – not managing various processing systems – will be the real bottleneck.

What is your favorite thing about Apache Hadoop?

I like how Hadoop democratized proprietary data storage and processing innovations, and by doing so, empowered a lot of people to extract value from large volumes of data and improve everything on the way.

What is your advice for someone who is interested in participating in any open source project for the first time?

Pick a project with an active community that you already use or that has your personal interest. Start by following and interacting on the mailing lists, suggest improvements, report bugs, start to send patches, and everything else will follow. You will learn a lot by going through code reviews and that will make you a better developer. 

At what age did you become interested in programming, and why?

I grew up with computers at home – thanks, dad! I become interested in programming during the summer holiday before starting high school. I learned some C, and things got interesting when I knew enough to be able to write some basic games – that kept me busy for a while.

Why programming? Because I am a builder, and a computer gives me a lot of freedom to express myself!