Where to Find Cloudera Tech Talks (Through June 2014)

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Find Cloudera tech talks in Amsterdam, Boston, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Zurich, and other cities across Europe and the US during the next calendar quarter.

Below please find our regularly scheduled quarterly update about where to find tech talks by Cloudera employees – this time, for the second calendar quarter of 2014 (April through June). Note that this list will be continually curated during the period; complete logistical information may not be available yet. And remember, many of these talks are in “free” venues (no cost of entry).

As always, we’re standing by to assist your meetup by providing speakers, sponsorships, and schwag!

Date City Venue Speaker(s)
March 31-April 2 Boston Big Data TechCon Mark Grover on app architectures for Hadoop, Prasad Mujumdar on Hadoop security, Jonathan Seidman on Data Infrastructure for Hadoop
April 1 Santa Clara, Calif. Percona Live Gwen Shapira on MySQL-Hadoop integration
April 1 Amsterdam Amsterdam HUG Doug Cutting on balancing data collection with privacy; Andrew Wang on HDFS caching
April 2 Phoenix, Ariz. Phoenix HUG Kamal Maheshwari on SQL-on-Hadoop
April 2-3 Amsterdam Hadoop Summit Andrew Wang & Colin McCabe on HDFS caching, Kate Ting on Hadoop config best practices, Lars George on HBase 0.98 features
April 2-3 Atlanta, Ga. Great Wide Open Eli Collins on Building a Data-Driven Application on an Open Source Platform
April 4 Leuven, Belgium BigData.be Kate Ting on Apache Sqoop
April 7 Zurich Swiss Big Data User Group Marcel Kornacker on Hadoop Data Warehousing with Impala
April 8 Munich HUG Munich Marcel Kornacker on Hadoop Data Warehousing with Impala
April 7-9 Denver, Colo. ApacheCon NA Jarcec Cecho and Abe Elmahrek on Apache Sqoop, Colin McCabe on HDFS caching, Sean Mackrory on Linux packaging, Mark Miller on Solr+Hadoop, Hari Shreedharan on Apache Flume, Xuefu Zhang on Apache Sentry
April 7-11 Las Vegas IOUG Collaborate Gwen Shapira on Impala, Jayant Shekhar on Building Recommender Systems
April 9 San Francisco (at Cloudera) San Francisco HUG Xuefu Zhang and Srayva Tirukkovalur on Apache Sentry/Hadoop security
April 9-11 Sao Paulo, Brazil QCon Sao Paulo Todd Lipcon on the Hadoop ecosystem, Aaron Myers on Hadoop security
April 10 London HUG UK Kate Ting on Sqoop, Jon Hsieh on HBase, Marcel Kornacker on Hadoop Data Warehousing with Hadoop
April 10 New York, NY NYC Data Science Josh Wills on credit-risk modeling
April 10 Singapore Hadoop SG Enrico Berti on Hue
April 11 New York, NY MLconf Josh Wills on data science tools
Apri 12 Sao Paulo, Brazil SouJava/Brazil HUG Todd Lipcon and Aaron Myers on Hadoop ecosystem
April 14 Washington DC Hadoop-DC Michael Ridley on Apache Sentry/Hadoop security
April 16 Sunnyvale, Calif. Bay Area Hadoop Meetups Sravya Tirukkovalur on Apache Sentry/Hadoop security
April 17 Hamburg, Germany Big Data & NoSQL Meetup Hamburg Marcel Kornacker on Hadoop Data Warehousing with Impala
April 22 Philadelphia PhillyDB Sean Pabba on Impala
April 22 Boston Boston HUG Doug Cutting on “The Future of Data”
April 23 Santa Clara, Calif. Big Data Bootcamp Justin Erickson on Impala
April 23 Palo Alto, Calif. (at Cloudera) Bay Area Search Patrick Hunt on Solr+Hadoop, Greg Chanan on index-level security in Solr
April 23 Boulder, Colo. Big Data Boulder Gwen Shapira on Apache Spark use cases
May 1 San Francisco SF Machine Learning Sandy Ryza on machine learning with Apache Spark
May 1 Menlo Park, Calif. Hadoop Talks Mark Donsky on Hadoop data governance with Cloudera Navigator
May 5 San Francisco HBaseCon 2014 JD Cryans on HBase replication, Adam Warrington on using Kite SDK for HBase dev, Jon Hsieh & Lars George on HBase app design patterns, Kate Ting, Kevin O’Dell & Aleks Shulman on running HBase in production
May 8 Brighton, UK Rittman Mead BI Masterclass Lars George leads a full-day class on Hadoop for Oracle users
May 12-16 Mainz, Germany JAX Amr Awadallah on enterprise data hubs, Lars George on Solr+Hadoop
May 13 San Francisco (at Cloudera) Bay Area Impala User Group Alex Behm on query optimization, Henry Robinson & Matt Jacobs on RM, Uri Laserson on Python UDFs
May 18 Atlanta, Ga. Rittman Mead BI Masterclass Lars George leads a full-day class on Hadoop for Oracle users
May 20-21 Chicago GOTO Chicago Eva Andreasson on Hadoop use cases
May 21-22 Bloomfield, Colo. Glue Conference 2014 Mark Grover on Impala
May 25 Berlin Berlin Buzzwords 2014 Mark Miller on Solr+Hadoop, Wolfgang Hoschek on Morphlines
June 3-5 San Jose, Calif. Hadoop Summit San Jose Joey Echeverria on Hadoop security, Daniel Templeton & Aaron Myers on Hadoop puzzlers, Alex Moundalexis on Hadoop cluster performance tuning, and Nong Li (co-speaker) on Parquet, Yanpei Chen & Govind Kamat on measuring HBase performance
June 11-13 New York, NY QCon New York Jeff Hammerbacher on data science at Mount Sinai, Marcel Kornacker on Hadoop Data Warehousing with Impala
June 12 East Hyattsville, Md. Accumulo Summit TBD; agenda not announced

Justin Kestelyn is Cloudera’s developer outreach director.