Things For Which We Are Thankful

Categories: Cloudera Manager Community Hadoop

Some things for which we are thankful, the 2013 edition (not listed in order):

1. The entire Apache Hadoop community for its constant and hard work to Make the Platform Better,

2. Cloudera’s users, customers, and partners for their continual and helpful feedback to help guide us through #1,

3. Luminaries like Doug Cutting, Tom White, Eric Sammer, Josh Wills, and Todd Lipcon, whose first instinct is always to share their hard-earned knowledge and experience with others,

4. User group/meetup organizers and Champions of Big Data around the world, for their commitment to facilitating conversations (and keeping pizza providers in business),

5. @BigDataBorat, @BigDataGrumpCat, @HipsterHacker, and other tweeps for helping us all keep things in perspective with humor.

What and who are on your “thankful” list?