It’s "Hello World" for Cloudera User Groups!

Categories: Community

Since its inception, Cloudera has been an enthusiastic supporter of user groups and meetups worldwide. And now, we’re extending that support yet further, by incubating new Cloudera User Groups (CUGs) in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago area, and New York City.

Unlike grass-roots user groups, which are inherently community-oriented and have no particular vendor preference, CUGs are designed and intended for users of Cloudera Standard (our free offering containing CDH and Cloudera Manager) and customers of Cloudera Enterprise (our paid, supported offering containing CDH, Cloudera Manager, and enterprise functionality such as rolling upgrades and Cloudera Navigator). For that reason, I predict that CUG conversations will tend to focus on the differentiated aspects of the Cloudera platform.

The first meetings of these groups are occurring within the next few weeks, so jump on board by joining and RSVPing today (anyone and everyone is welcome to attend):

  • Dec. 3: Midwest CUG (@ Chicago Mercantile Exchange) – RSVP
  • Dec. 5: New York CUG (@ Conductor Inc. in NYC) – RSVP
  • Dec. 10: SF Bay Area CUG (@ Cloudera HQ in San Francisco) – RSVP

Although Cloudera is incubating/organizing these initial meetings, our expectation is that users and customers will eventually grab the car keys and take things from there (with our full and ongoing support). And, of course, any passionate users interested in jump-starting a new CUG in their own home city is welcome to get in touch! Just drop us a note at

Justin Kestelyn is Cloudera’s developer outreach director.