Cloudera Slides and Video from Strata + Hadoop World 2013

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In the wake of the Strata + Hadoop World 2013 afterglow, speaker slides and video have been posted. For your convenience, they are aggregated below:


  • Hadoop’s Impact on the Future of Data Management (Mike Olson): Video
  • The Future of Hadoop: What Happened & What’s Possible? (Doug Cutting): Video


  • From Promise to a Platform: Next Steps in Bringing Workload Diversity to Hadoop (Henry Robinson): Slides
  • Practical Performance Analysis and Tuning for Cloudera Impala (Greg Rahn): Slides
  • How to Leverage Mainframe Data with Hadoop: Bridging the Gap Between Big Iron & Big Data (Matt Brandwein – co-presenter): Slides
  • Parquet: An Open Columnar Storage for Hadoop (Nong Li – co-presenter): Slides
  • Securing the Apache Hadoop Ecosystem (Aaron Myers, Shreepadma Venugopalan): Slides
  • Trickery and Tooling for Distributed System Diagnosis and Debugging (Philip Zeyliger): Slides
  • Unifying Your Data Management Platform with Hadoop: Batch and Real-time Machine Data Ingest, Alerts, and Analytics (Jayant Shekhar): Slides
  • What’s Next for Apache HBase: Multi-tenancy, Predictability, and Extensions (Jon Hsieh): Slides
  • Working with Geospatial Data Using Hadoop and HBase and How Monsanto Used It to Help Farmers Increase Their Yield (Amandeep Khurana – co-presenter): Slides

If you were an attendee, thanks for coming! If not, we hope to see you next year at the biggest conference yet!

Justin Kestelyn is Cloudera’s developer outreach director.


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