Customer Spotlight: Persado Makes Marketing a Data Science

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It’s common to hear people describe themselves as being “left-brained” or “right-brained” based on their tendency to be more logical and mathematically driven (left-brained), or, conversely, to be intuitive and creatively driven (right-brained). For example, people who prefer math over art are often considered left-brained. People who get a higher verbal score on their SATs than for math are often considered right-brained.

In general, language and creative writing are considered right-brained exercises. Many people also associate marketing and advertising as a right-brained function, whereas engineering is considered very left-brained.

But Big Data is changing this. Many companies are applying math and engineering to creative writing and marketing in order to optimize marketing campaigns’ results. Persado has actually built its business around this idea.

Persado, self-described as “the pioneer and global leader in Marketing Language Engineering,” helps brands deliver messages to their target audiences that are fine-tuned to get a response by combining math, computational linguistics, and Big Data.

Persado’s development team collaborates with PhD statisticians and data analysts to create new ways to segment audiences, explore content variations, and generate the most relevant and effective marketing messages in real time.

And, as you might suspect, collecting and analyzing all this data to engineer marketing language requires a Big Data platform. Persado has adopted Cloudera Standard as its platform of choice, quickly ramping-up its team on how to best use Apache Hadoop with Cloudera University training.

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Karina Babcock is Cloudera’s customer programs and marketing manager.