This Month in the Ecosystem (August 2013)

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Welcome to our second edition of “This Month in the Ecosystem.” (See the inaugural edition here.) Although August was not as busy as July, there are some very notable highlights to report.

  • Hadoop 2 Goes to Beta
    Clearly a highlight of the summer: Apache Hadoop 2.1.0 became the first beta release of Hadoop 2 — big group hug for the community! A “GA” is expected within a couple months.
    Read more about the Hadoop 2 beta
  • Search Becomes a First-Class Citizen on Hadoop
    With the release of Cloudera Search 1.0 and the contribution of related integration work upstream, Google-style search now joins SQL and Java as the most mainstream options for accessing data in HDFS and HBase. And non-technical end users rejoice.
    Learn more about the Cloudera Search 1.0 release
  • Strata Conference + Hadoop World 2013 Enters the Viewfinder
    The program for Strata Conference + Hadoop World, Oct. 28-30 in New York, came into full view. You’ll find that the agenda has a decidedly more “real world” flavor in the past, with greater emphasis on production deployments. (A variety of community meetups are also planned; plan to attend a few of those.) A 20% registration discount is available by using the link below.
    Register/learn more about Strata + Hadoop World | Explore the Cloudera agenda and meetup schedule
  • Twitter Open-Sources Summingbird
    As Twitter describes it, Summingbird lets you “write MapReduce programs that look like native Scala or Java collection transformations and execute them on a number of well-known distributed MapReduce platforms, including Storm andĀ Scalding.” Summingbird carries the Apache License.
    Explore the Summingbird project

The next installment of “This Month in the Ecosystem” will publish in early October.

Justin Kestelyn is Cloudera’s developer outreach director.