New Webinar Series Featuring Cloudera and Partner Solutions

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Welcome to the Cloudera Connect Webinar Series!

Cloudera’s platform touches every part of your data management infrastructure, so it’s critical that it works well with partner technologies to create value beyond simple integration. We need to make sure that 1 + 1 > 2.

Join Cloudera and its partners for a new series of webinars to learn how to leverage your existing technologies, or identify new solutions, to create an end-to-end data management solution. We will cover topics including how to:

  • Enable data processing from various data sources
  • Use business intelligence tools on top of Apache Hadoop data
  • Uncover insights from all your data with predictive analytics

Each webinar will help organizations find the right track to understand, recognize value, and cost-effectively deploy a Big Data solution.

Cloudera Connect Webinar Series Calendar


How to Leverage Mainframe Data with Hadoop: Bridging the Gap Between Big Iron and Big Data
Sept. 25
9am PT /12pm ET
Join Syncsort and Cloudera to learn the top challenges of ingesting and processing mainframe data in Hadoop – and how to solve them.

  • Mainframe-to-Hadoop connectivity: How to read files directly from the mainframe and load them into HDFS
  • Data translation: How to understand and translate mainframe data into Hadoop-friendly format
  • Data processing: How to easily develop and deploy common data flows with mainframe data in Hadoop
  • Deployment and administration: How to deploy, administer, and monitor your Hadoop environment with Cloudera Manager


Get Started with Hadoop in Less Than 30 Minutes
Sept. 26
9am PT /12pm ET
Join Global Knowledge for this free, hour-long webinar and get on your way to becoming a Hadoop rock star by deploying CDH in the cloud as a proof of concept.

  • Benefits and value of Cloudera Manager
  • Cloudera Manager (Standard) and additional features enabled with Enterprise support
  • Live demo (installing a 10-node cluster)


R + Hadoop: Ask Bigger (and New) Questions and Get Better, Faster Answers
Oct. 3
11am PT/2pm ET
Join Revolution Analytics and Cloudera in this webinar to learn how to:

  • Un-accept the status quo and break away from dependence on legacy tools 
  • Bring the power of R – including Revolution Analytics’ ScaleR library of Hadoop-ready Big Data analytics algorithms – to Cloudera’s CDH
  • Apply this joint solution to real-life scenarios to get better and faster results by asking bigger questions, asking new questions, and obtaining and sharing better results faster


How Big Data Analytics & Hadoop Complement Your Existing Data Warehouse
Oct. 16
10am PT/1pm ET
Join Datameer and Cloudera in this webinar to discuss how Hadoop and Big Data analytics can help to:

  • Get all the data your business needs quickly into one environment
  • Shorten the time to insight from months to days
  • Extend the life of your existing data warehouse investments
  • Enable your business analysts to ask and answer bigger questions


Sandy Lii is Cloudera’s solution marketing manager.