New E-Learning for Parcels

Categories: Cloudera Manager Training

Cloudera’s new Parcels installation format has been released, and I’m excited to highlight just how useful (and mind-blowingly cool) it is to system administrators and anyone responsible for maintaining a CDH cluster.

If you haven’t read about or played with Parcels, they make components of the distribution significantly easier to manage, install, and upgrade. The new Parcel distribution format works with Cloudera Manager 4.5 and later. When you perform installations and upgrades using Parcels, you get access to new Cloudera Manager features such as:

  • Rolling upgrades with little-to-no maintenance window
  • Sudo-less installations, upgrades, and rollback of CDH or components
  • Custom file system installations (for example, if you don’t have access to /etc.)

Parcels also provide advantages over package installations since Cloudera Manager automates cleanup and customers can write their own Parcels to extend the benefits of the new features.

The new Understanding Parcels e-learning module both covers the fundamentals of Parcels’ role in optimizing your Hadoop operations and takes you through a step-by-step demo of upgrading CDH and installing Impala, Search, and Hadoop LZO.

For extra fun, download the new QuickStart VM and follow along with the Parcels demonstration. Once you see how much time and effort Parcels save in your component installations, you’ll never want to touch another Deb package ever again.

John Souchak is a senior curriculum developer at Cloudera University.