Customer Spotlight: Motorola Mobility’s Award-Winning Unified Data Repository

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The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) runs an annual Best Practices Awards program to recognize organizations for their achievements in business intelligence and data warehousing. A few months ago, I was introduced to Motorola Mobility’s VP of cloud platforms and services, Balaji Thiagarajan. After learning about its interesting Apache Hadoop use case and the success it has delivered, Balaji and I worked together to nominate Motorola Mobility for the TDWI Best Practices Award for Emerging Technologies and Methods. And to my delight, it won!

Chances are, you’ve heard of Motorola Mobility. It released the first commercial portable cell phone back in 1984, later dominated the mobile phone market with the super-thin RAZR, and today a large portion of the massive smartphone market runs on its Android operating system.

In recent years, Motorola Mobility implemented a Hadoop system based on Cloudera Enterprise to help create a “unified data repository” that is positively impacting business KPIs. For instance, CSAT scores have risen based on call center insights and product returns (a metric of quality) are decreasing based on service center insights.

With its unified data repository platform, Motorola is getting rid of data silos and gaining a single, global view of the business. With its new unified data repository, Motorola Mobility is better equipped to make data driven decisions that are making a big impact. Congrats, Balaji and team!

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Karina Babcock is Cloudera’s Customer Programs & Marketing Manager.