Meetups at Hadoop Summit

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Hadoop Summit convenes next week, and even if you’re not attending, there are a host of meetup opportunities available to you during the week.

Here are just a few, and you can find a full list here.

Tues. June 25

Weds. June 26

If you ARE attending, remember also:

  • “Securing the Hadoop Ecosystem” at 11:20am on Weds. June 26
  • “Panel – When Worlds Collide: SQL Meets Hadoop” at 2:05pm on Weds. June 26 
  • “Trends in Supporting Production Apache HBase Clusters” at 2:55pm on Weds. June 26 
  • “Parquet: Columnar storage for the People” at 4:05pm on Weds. June 26
  • “Deploying Apache Flume to enable low-latency analytics” at 4:55pm on Weds. June 26

…And don’t forget to visit the Cloudera booth for signed copies of Hadoop Operations (Eric Sammer) and HBase in Action (Amandeep Khurana co-author)!