HBaseCon 2013: "Operations" Track Preview

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As you have probably learned by now, HBaseCon 2013 sessions are organized into four tracks: Operations, Internals, Ecosystem, and Case Studies. In combination, they offer a 360-degree view of Apache HBase that is invaluable for experts and aspiring experts alike. In the next few posts leading up to the conference (June 13 in San Francisco – register now while there’s still room), we’ll offer sneak previews of what each track has to offer.

First up is the Operations track, which will be hosted by Facebook’s Liyin Tang (HBase PMC Member and HBaseCon keynote speaker):

The sessions in this track focus on the deployment, operation, and management of Apache HBase. You will learn about best practices for cluster deployment, monitoring, mitigating failures, security, and other aspects of running HBase for business-critical applications.

  • Apache HBase Operations at Pinterest
    Jeremy Carroll, Pinterest
    This presentation explains how Pinterest operates HBase on Amazon EC2 with success.
  • Reliability: More 9’s for Apache HBase
    Amitanand Aiyer, Facebook
    HBase has been powering Facebook’s messaging system for over two years. This talk will discuss common failure scenarios that Facebook has encountered in this period and efforts to make HBase more reliable/available. 
  • OpenTSDB at Scale
    Jonathan Creasy & Geoff Anderson, Box
    This presentation covers operating an OpenTSDB Cluster, including best practices for scaling, how to maximize throughput, and share metrics related to the scale of Box’s cluster. 
  • Apache HBase on Flash
    Matt Kennedy, Fusion-io
    Flash Memory technology deployed as server-side PCIe or SSDs is emerging as a critical tool for performance and efficiency in data centers at all scales. This presentation will discuss how Flash impacts HBase deployments in terms of configuration, DRAM requirements, and performance.
  • Scalable Network Designs for Apache HBase
    Benoit Sigoure, Arista Networks
    Based on production experience with HBase since 2009, as well as recent benchmark results, this talk will take you through network designs and optimizations for HBase, as well as possible ways to make the network work better for Apache Hadoop/HBase. 
  • Apache HBase, Meet Ops. Ops, Meet Apache HBase.
    Jean-Daniel Cryans & Kevin O’dell, Cloudera
    This talk will help you with introducing HBase to your Ops team, mapping their current knowledge to the technology stack, and giving them a head start on supporting HBase in a production environment.
  • Panel: Apache HBase Operations
    Attend this panel to learn about best practices from the operators of world-class HBase deployments.
    • Jeremy Carroll, Pinterest
    • Dave Latham, Flurry
    • Alex Levchuk, Facebook
    • Rajiv Chittajallu, Yahoo!
    • Moderator: Eric Sammer, Cloudera

Interested yet? If not, next week, we’ll offer a sneak-peek of the Internals track.