HBaseCon 2013: "Internals" Track Preview

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As we march toward HBaseCon 2013 (June 13 in San Francisco), it’s time to bring you a preview of the Internals track (see the Operations track preview here) — the track guaranteed to be of most interest to Apache HBase developers and other people tracking the progress of the code base.

This track, hosted by Salesforce.com’s Lars Hofhansl (also an HBase PMC Member and HBaseCon keynote speaker), focuses on the architecture, features, and development of HBase. You will learn about interesting features, best practices for using them in production/business-critical environments, and how development is done by the community.

  • Apache HBase Table Snapshots
    Jonathan Hsieh (Cloudera), Matteo Bertozzi (Cloudera), and Jesse Yates (Salesforce.com)
    In this talk, the developers of this new feature will look at some of its history, describe use cases, dive into the internals, and provide a roadmap for future improvements.
  • How to Get the MTTR Below 1 Minute and More
    Devaraj Das, Hortonworks & Nicolas Liochon, Scaled Risk
    This talk will explain how to get to an MTTR for regions under one minute. It will first cover the possible failures and then explore how HBase detects the failures, recovers the data, and makes it available again.  

  • A Developer’s Guide to Coprocessors
    John Weatherford, Telescope
    This talk will cover all the specifics needed for a Java developer to start creating coprocessors. It will start with a brief introduction to what a coprocessor is and why it is useful, describing the difference between observers and endpoints and showing examples of implementations.   
  • Apache HBase and HDFS: Understanding Filesystem Usage in HBase
    Enis Söztutar, Hortonworks
    This talk will take an HDFS-centric look at the filesystem issues in HBase. It will dissect the interface between HBase and HDFS, with a focus on the filesystem services that HBase relies on, durability, crash recovery, and performance characteristics of HBase resulting from using HDFS. 

  • Compaction Improvements in Apache HBase
    Sergey Shelukhin, Hortonworks
    Compactions are a critical aspect of HBase storage design, yet they are frequently a pain point in cluster management, affecting the availability and requiring manual tuning. This talk will provide brief overview of existing HBase compaction algorithm, the problems it encounters in specific data scenarios and in normal operation, as well as recent improvements. 

  • 1500 JIRAs in 20 Minutes
    Ian Varley, Salesforce.com
    We all know there’s a thunderous pace of development on HBase. But what’s actually going into all of these JIRAs? In this “thunder talk,” we’ll cover the most interesting commits from the past year at a pace that will make your head spin. 
  • Apache HBase Replication
    Chris Trezzo, Twitter
    HBase Replication is a rich feature that enables users to asynchronously copy table data between HBase clusters. In this talk you will get a brief user tutorial of replication, look at a few example use cases, discuss the high-level core architecture, and take a detailed look at implementation. 
  • Panel: Apache HBase Futures
    Attend this panel to learn about the new development efforts that are moving the HBase code base into the future — as well as ones on the community’s wish list.
    • Nick Dimuduk, Hortonworks
    • Jonathan Gray, Continuuity
    • Lars Hofhansl, Salesforce.com
    • Andrew Purtell, Intel
    • Moderator: Todd Lipcon, Cloudera

Interested yet? If not, next week, we’ll offer a sneak-peek of the Ecosystem track.