Customer Spotlight: Sneak Peek into Skybox Imaging’s Cloudera-powered Satellite System

Categories: CDH Use Case

This week, the Cloudera Sessions head to Washington, DC, and Columbus, Ohio, where attendees will hear from AOL, Explorys, and Skybox Imaging about the ways Apache Hadoop can be used to optimize digital content, to improve the delivery of healthcare, and to generate high-resolution images of the entire globe that provide value to retailers, farmers, government organizations and more.

I’d like to take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on Skybox Imaging, an innovative company that is putting Hadoop to work to help us see the world more clearly, literally.

Skybox’s vice president of ground software, Ollie Guinan, recently posted a guest blog to to give readers a glimpse into their Hadoop use case, which I’d like to promote again here. I would encourage anyone in the DC area to meet Ollie (who is also a Champion of Big Data) in person at the Cloudera Sessions event in DC this Tuesday to learn more about Skybox and its fascinating use case.

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Karina Babcock is Cloudera’s Customer Programs & Marketing Manager.