Cloudera Partners and Impala: Alteryx

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Our thanks to Brian Dirking, Director of Product Marketing for Alteryx, for the guest post below:

At Alteryx we are excited about the release of Cloudera Impala. The impact on Big Data Analytics is that the ability to perform real-time queries on Apache Hadoop will provide faster access and results. This is applicable to our customers, the business users who are running analytics to get access to data, perform analytics, and then follow up with new questions. Insight doesn’t happen all at once. The ability to query and refine quickly is ultimately what will lead business users to insight.

As business users need faster access to data, Alteryx provides a user friendly way to access new solutions like Impala. With Impala support in Alteryx Strategic Analytics, business users can get faster access, and can refine data queries and the corresponding analytics to get the answers they need. They can combine these results with other datasets to provide the context necessary to make the right decision, and they can do it without having to go through months of training to master programming and query languages.

A great example of where Impala can have a big impact is in churn analytics. When customers leave a company or service, there are usually a few interactions prior to leaving that are the cause. In the telecom world, these interactions can be dropped calls, support queries, and rate adjustments. The interactions that lead to churn can happen over the course of just a few hours. To be able to log those events, and then have them show up in an analytics query quickly so customers can be saved, can have a huge impact on an organization. Impala enables Alteryx to iteratively analyze the fast moving data involved in churn analysis and prevention.

Impala enables Alteryx to iteratively analyze the fast moving data involved in churn analysis and prevention.

At Alteryx, we recognize that organizations not only need to scale technology to address Big Data, they need to scale human capabilities. That is why Alteryx Strategic Analytics provides an easy to use drag-and-drop interface for business users. Subject matter experts and business analysts can quickly build analytics workflows that gather, cleanse, and blend datasets; enrich them with third party data; and then run sophisticated statistical, predictive, or geo-spatial analytics. By giving business users the access to query, analyze, and refine quickly, the analysis takes place at the business user level, where the business impact is understood. Then by having business users run the analytics, it enables the organization to scale.

With Impala support, Alteryx enables business users to benefit from huge innovations in the Big Data market. As the market matures and more ways of accessing data become available, Alteryx provides an easy interface that enables users to benefit from the power of these innovations, while shielding them from the complexity. This makes users more productive, and able to focus on getting the answers they need to make better decisions faster.

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