CDH 4.3 is Released!

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I’m pleased to announce that CDH 4.3 is released and available for download. This is the third quarterly update to our GA shipping CDH 4 line and the 17th significant release of our 100% open source Apache Hadoop distribution.

CDH 4.3 is primarily focused on maintenance. There are more than 400 bug fixes included in this release across the components of the CDH stack. This represents a great step forward in quality, security, and performance.

There are also a few new features in this release. One new feature is the ability of HDFS to rebalance within a datanode. This is a great (configurable) way to help prevent drive failure and maintain performance without having to run more disruptive cluster-wide rebalances. Hue has also received a number of new features, including a Pig editor and support for using the HDFS trash bin.

As always updates are intended to be non-disruptive. Moving to a new update is optional. Customers and users can skip updates (e.g. upgrade from CDH 4.1 to CDH 4.3 directly). Upgrading to a new update should not break compatibility with customer applications or certified third-party partner applications. We certify third-party software as compatible with “CDH 4.x or higher.”

You can find more details about CDH 4.3 in the documentation here. If you have additional questions customers can file a support ticket and users can ask their question on CDH-users.

As always thanks for your support of Apache Hadoop and of Cloudera.

Charles Zedlewski is Cloudera’s VP, Products. 


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  1. Liyin Liang

    What is the jira number of the new feature of HDFS to rebalance within a datanode.