We Honor the Champions of Big Data!

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In the technology business, building a thriving and progressive user ecosystem around a platform is about as Mom-and-apple-pie as you can get. We all intuitively acknowledge that it’s one of the metrics for success.

Perhaps the most under-appreciated aspect of any platform ecosystem is the recognition that it is fundamentally built by real people. Without enthusiastic users of a platform engaging as evangelists on its behalf, the growth of the ecosystem around it will eventually slow to a crawl.

So, to express our appreciation for the passionate users of CDH, our 100% open source distribution of Apache Hadoop and related projects, we are proud to announce Cloudera’s Champions of Big Data program.

Cloudera’s Champions of Big Data are passionate users of CDH with proven track records of contributing to the ecosystem by sharing knowledge and experiences, fostering skill set development, encouraging participation, or any combination of the above, whether internally or externally to their organizations. They are the Ecosystem Builders, the people on whom the platform depends, and who in turn depend on the platform.

Therefore, we are proud to honor these individuals for becoming our charter Champions of Big Data! Click here to learn more about them or to nominate another CDH user who has been active in the Big Data community.