Congrats to OSCON 2013 Speakers!

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Cloudera will be a proud exhibitor at O’Reilly OSCON 2013 (July 22-26 in Portland, OR), which in our opinion is a shining light in the open source community. So be sure to look for us at Booth #420!

We also want to take this opportunity to congratulate all speakers who will be presenting at OSCON. Furthermore, we want to highlight the talks led by Clouderans for your personal schedule:

  • Tutorial: Introduction to Apache Hadoop
    Tom Wheeler, Cloudera University Instructor

    Mon. July 22, 10:30am
    This tutorial will present a mix of lecture and instructor-led demonstrations to explain what Apache Hadoop is and why it’s becoming a standard for large-scale data storage and processing.
  • Building an Impenetrable ZooKeeper
    Kate Ting, Software Engineer/Apache Sqoop PMC Member

    Weds. July 24, 10:40am
    ZooKeeper provides reliable and timely coordination of processes. Given the many cluster resources leveraged by distributed ZooKeeper, it ’s frequently the first to notice issues affecting cluster health, which explains its moniker, “the canary in the Hadoop coal mine.” Attend this session and learn (1) how to configure ZooKeeper reliably, (2) how to monitor ZooKeeper closely, and (3) how to resolve ZooKeeper errors efficiently.
  • Doing Data Science on NFL Play by Play
    Jesse Anderson, Cloudera University Instructor

    Weds. July 24, 2:30pm
    Advanced NFL stats released the play by play data for the 2002 to 2012 seasons. The play data is human generated. Doing any Data Science on it will be difficult until you transform it. After that you can merge it with other dataset to get even more insight. Ideally, you want an easily query-able dataset that you can use Hive, Pig or Impala to gain more insight.
  • Getting Hadoop, Hive and HBase up and running in less than 15 minutes
    Mark Grover, Software Engineer/Apache Bigtop Committer and Apache Hive Contributor
    Weds. July 24, 4:10pm
    This talk introduces the audience to Apache Bigtop – a project aimed at developing packaging and tests within the Hadoop ecosystem. By making use of various packages available through Apache Bigtop, we would learn how to set up a cluster with Hadoop, Hive and HBase installed and configured in under 15 minutes. Subsequently, we will run some example MapReduce jobs, Hive and HBase queries to validate the setup.
  • Introducing Locksmith – an open source tool for detecting potential deadlocks in C and C++
    Colin McCabe, Software Engineer/Apache Hadoop Committer

    Thurs. July 25, 5pm
    Locksmith is a tool which can help detect potential deadlocks before they happen. It can detect common concurrency mistakes, such as taking locks in an inconsistent order, or unlocking a mutex from a different thread than the one which locked it. This talk will describe some challenges in debugging concurrent applications, some useful approaches, and how Locksmith can help.

Again, congratulations to all newly-minted OSCON speakers!