Cloudera Speakers at Big Data TechCon (+ $200 Off Registration)

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Cloudera is proud to be a sponsor of Big Data TechCon in Boston (April 8-10), in particular because this is a new conference (run by the good folks at BZ Media) in a Big Data hotbed city. 

Even better, attendees will have a bonanza of technical sessions led by Cloudera engineer-rock stars from which to choose:

  • Extending Your Data Infrastructure with Hadoop – Jonathan Seidman
  • Hadoop Backup and Disaster Recovery 101 – Jai Ranganathan
  • 7 Deadly Hadoop Misconfigurations – Kate Ting
  • Building an Impenetrable ZooKeeper – Kate Ting
  • Mastering Sqoop for Data Transfer for Big Data – Kate Ting & Jaroslav Cecho
  • Introduction and Best Practices for Storing and Analyzing Your Data in Apache Hive (Half-Day Tutorial) – Mark Grover
  • How to Fit a Petabyte in Apache HBase – JD Cryans
  • Using Apache HBase’s API for Complex Real-Time Queries – JD Cryans
  • Building Applications using HBase – Amandeep Khurana
  • HBase Schema and Table Design Principles – Amandeep Khurana

Finally, being a sponsor, Cloudera has the opportunity to offer you a $200 discount – just use discount code “cloudera” at registration. This discount has a limited timeframe, so best not to wait too long.