Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.5 Has Been Released

Categories: Community ZooKeeper

Apache ZooKeeper release 3.4.5 is now available. This is a bug fix release covering 3 issues, one of which was considered critical. These issues were:

  • ZOOKEEPER-1550 ZooKeeperSaslClient does not finish anonymous login on OpenJDK
  • ZOOKEEPER-1560 Zookeeper client hangs on creation of large nodes
  • ZOOKEEPER-1376 zkServer.sh does not correctly check for $SERVER_JVMFLAGS

Stability, Compatibility and Testing
3.4.5 is a stable release that’s fully backward compatible with 3.4.4. Only bug fixes relative to 3.4.4 have been applied. Issues running ZooKeeper using Java 7 and OpenJDK have been resolved.

Getting Involved
The Apache ZooKeeper project is working on a number of new features. Our How To Contribute page is a great place to start if you’re interested in getting involved as a developer, or dive right into an open issue.

A special thanks to everyone who contributed to the release (reporting issues, fixing bugs, reviewing changes, writing documentation, etc), especially Mahadev Konar for acting as release manager.