Videos: Get Started with Hadoop Using Cloudera Enterprise

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Our video animation factory has been busy lately. The embedded player below contains our two latest ones stitched together:

Get Started with Hadoop Using Cloudera Enterprise, Part 1 

To be a proactive industry leader, you must be able to consume critical data as it is produced, analyze it quickly and act on your results. Before Hadoop there was no scalable, cost-effective way to do this with Big Data.

Learn how Cloudera Enterprise helps you to efficiently store all of your data, avoiding archiving and data loss, and provides the opportunity to gain detailed insights into aspects of your business never before possible.

Get Started with Hadoop Using Cloudera Enterprise, Part 2

To run Hadoop effectively, you need to pair it with several other software projects. Cloudera Enterprise offers a simple click-through setup wizard for deployment and configuration of Hadoop as well as these projects, which will save weeks of developer hours that can now be spent taking advantage of the Big Data capabilities Hadoop offers.

Once Hadoop is up and running it is also a large and complicated system to monitor. This is why Cloudera built Cloudera Manager, included as part of Cloudera Enterprise. Cloudera Manager helps you easily monitor things like hosts, services, system resources and security. If anything goes wrong in the Hadoop environment, Cloudera Manager will send an alert and provides easy-to-use diagnostic tools to get to the root of the issue. If the issue is not easily identifiable, a simple click will send a Cloudera Hadoop expert all the information needed to quickly diagnose the problem and get your system back to normal.

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