Axemblr’s Java Client for the Cloudera Manager API

Categories: Cloudera Manager

Axemblr, purveyors of a cloud-agnostic MapReduce Web Service, have recently announced the availability of an Apache-licensed Java Client for the Cloudera Manager API.

The task at hand, according to Axemblr, is to “deploy Hadoop on Cloud with as little user interaction as possible. We have the code to provision the hosts but we still need to install and configure Hadoop on all nodes and make it so the user has a nice experience doing it.” And voila, the answer is Cloudera Manager, with the process made easy via the REST API introduced in Release 4.0.

Thus, says Axemblr: “In the pursuit of our greatest desire (second only to coffee early in the morning), we ended up writing a Java client for Cloudera Manager’s API. Thus we achieved to automate a CDH3 Hadoop installation on Amazon EC2 and Rackspace Cloud. We also decided to open source the client so other people can play along.”

Congrats to Axemblr for building this client and bringing the code to the community, and let a thousand others bloom! (And by the way – if there is anyone else writing similar wrappers or plugins out there, please let us know in comments.)