Community Meetups at Strata + Hadoop World 2012

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Strata Conference + Hadoop World (Oct. 23-25 in New York City) is a bonanza for Hadoop and big data enthusiasts – but not only because of the technical sessions and tutorials. It’s also an important gathering place for the developer community, most of whom are eager to share info from their experiences in the “trenches”.

Just to make that process easier, Cloudera is teaming up with local meetups during that week to organize a series of meetings on a variety of topics. (If for no other reason, stop into one of these meetups for a chance to grab a coveted Cloudera t-shirt.)

As you can see, these meetups are highly parallel, so you will either have to make careful choices or have very quick feet. The good news is: there’s something for everybody.

(In fact: I will send an item of to-be-determined swag to anyone who can submit proof of attendance to every meetup on this list. For example – a photo of yourself standing next to the meetup organizer in an identifiable place.)

Tues., Oct. 23

New York Hadoop User Group
Hosts: Eli Collins and Aaron Myers
Where: Foursquare offices

Hive User Group Meetup NYC
Host: Carl Steinbach
Where: Hilton Hotel

Sqoop User Meetup
Host: Kathleen Ting
Where: PulsePoint offices

Thurs., Oct. 25

Flume User Meetup
Host: Kathleen Ting
Where: Hilton Hotel

HBase Meetup
Host: Otis Gospodneti?
Where: AppNexus offices

Cloudera Manager Users Meetup
Host: Philip Zeyliger
Where: Hilton Hotel

ZooKeeper Users Meetup
Host: Camille Fournier
Where: Hilton Hotel

 Now, who’s going?

PS: For more information about Cloudera’s investments in user groups and meetups generally, see this page.