Meet the Presenters: Aaron Myers from Cloudera and Suresh Srinivas from Hortonworks

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This was originally posted on the Hadoop Summit 2012 blog.

Today’s “Meet the Presenters” interview features two speakers: Aaron Myers from Cloudera and Suresh Srinivas from Hortonworks. Aaron and Suresh will be presenting on HDFS NameNode High Availability, one of the hottest topics in the Apache Hadoop space today.

Question: Tell us about your current role and how you interact with Apache Hadoop?

Aaron: I work full-time developing Hadoop and supporting Hadoop’s many users. My efforts are primarily focused on HDFS and Hadoop’s security infrastructure.

Suresh: I have been working on Hadoop for about 4 years. Currently I am on HDFS full-time, with focus on improving reliability, scalability and developing enterprise features. I also work on expanding Apache Hadoop APIs and interfaces to enable new use cases and simplify integration of other solutions with HDFS.

Question: Tell us about your Hadoop Summit presentation?

Suresh: The HDFS NameNode is a robust and reliable service as seen in practice in production at Yahoo! and other organizations. However, the NameNode does not have automatic failover support. A hot failover solution called HA NameNode is currently under active development (HDFS-1623). This talk will cover the architecture, design and setup. We will also discuss the future direction for HA NameNode.

Question: What do you expect will be the key takeaway for folks attending your session? 

Aaron: Because we will be sharing best practices and architectural details, we expect attendees to walk away with a good understanding of what’s required to deploy and operate a highly available HDFS NameNode.

Question: What are you most looking forward to at Hadoop Summit?

Aaron: Chatting in-person with the Hadoop developers and other community members who I interact with frequently, but don’t get to see often.

Suresh: Interacting with the community and learning from them their Hadoop experiences. I’m also interested in getting feedback on things we can improve and important new features desired by the community.

Question: What other presentations are you most looking forward to attending?




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