March 2012 Bay Area HBase User Group meetup summary

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The Bay Area HBase User Group March 2012 meetup was held at the StumbleUpon offices in San Francisco, California. 80 interested Apache HBasers were in attendance to mingle and listen to the scheduled presentations.

Michael Stack started the meetup by reminding folks to register for HBaseCon 2012 in San Francisco on May 22nd.  Nick Dimiduk and Cloudera’s Amandeep Khurana then announced an early access program for their upcoming book, HBase In Action.  Interested folks can get a discount for the program by using the code “hbase38.”

St.Ack then discussed various recent releases (link to slides):

  • 0.90.6 (link to previous blog) and 0.92.1 (link to previous blog) were officially released in mid-late March.
  • 0.94.0 is a performance-oriented release currently in its first RC. Many improvements from Facebook and others made it into the release, which should support rolling restart and be backwards compatible with 0.92.
  • Trunk is now 0.96. It will contain changes to enable wire compatibility, and will not be backwards-compatible with previous releases; hence its nickname of the “singularity”. However, releases after 0.96 should be compatible within one major release.

Folks then commenced their presentations:

Moving HBase RPC to protobufs

Jimmy Xiang & Gregory Chanan from Cloudera talked about the background, motivation, and goals for the ongoing Apache HBase wire compatibility effort.  They also focused on the requirements, compability matrix, proposal and work breakdown. Slides are available.

Comparing the native HBase client and asynchbase

StumbleUpon’s Benoît Sigoure gave an overview of asynchbase, a fully non-blocking HBase client. He touched upon its features, how it is used at StumbleUpon and gave some encouraging performance results.

Using Apache Hive with HBase: Recent improvements

Finally, Enis Soztutar from Hortonworks gave a presentation about Hive and HBase integration. He covered architecture and some use cases, along with some discussion of schemas and data type mappings.

Afterwards, Shaneal Manek from Cloudera and Jesse Yates from Salesforce held a huddle about backups and snapshots in HBase. A summary is presented in HBASE-50.

Please note that an Apache HBase PMC meeting took place right before the meetup; comprehensive minutes are available.

Thanks to StumbleUpon for hosting the meetup and providing the food and drink!

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