Apache ZooKeeper 3.3.5 has been released

Categories: General ZooKeeper

Apache ZooKeeper release 3.3.5 is now available. This is a bug fix release covering 11 issues, two of which were considered blockers. Some of the more serious issues include:

  • ZOOKEEPER-1367 Data inconsistencies and unexpired ephemeral nodes after cluster restart
  • ZOOKEEPER-1412 Java client watches inconsistently triggered on reconnect
  • ZOOKEEPER-1277 Servers stop serving when lower 32bits of zxid roll over
  • ZOOKEEPER-1309 Creating a new ZooKeeper client can leak file handles
  • ZOOKEEPER-1389 It would be nice if start-foreground used exec $JAVA in order to get rid of the intermediate shell process
  • ZOOKEEPER-1089 zkServer.sh status does not work due to invalid option of nc

Stability, Compatibility and Testing

3.3.5 is a stable release that’s fully backward compatible with 3.3.4. Only bug fixes relative to 3.3.4 have been applied. Version 3.3.5 will be incorporated into the upcoming CDH3U4 release.

Getting Involved

The Apache ZooKeeper project is working on a number of new features. Our How To Contribute page is a great place to start if you’re interested in getting involved as a developer. You can also follow me on twitter.


A special thanks to everyone who contributed to the release (reporting issues, fixing bugs, reviewing changes, writing documentation, etc).