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Service and Configuration Management (Part I & II)

We’ve recently recorded a series of demo videos intended to highlight the extensive set of features and functions included with Cloudera Manager, the industry’s first end-to-end management application for Apache Hadoop. These demo videos showcase the newly enhanced Cloudera Manager interface and reveal how to use this powerful application to simplify the administration of Hadoop clusters, optimize performance and enhance the quality of service.

In the first two videos of this series, Philip Langdale, a software engineer at Cloudera, walks through Cloudera Manager’s Service and Configuration Management module. He demonstrates how simple it is to set up and configure the full range of Hadoop services in CDH (including HDFS, MR and HBase); enable security; perform configuration rollbacks; and add, delete and decommission nodes.

Part I

Part I of the Service and Configuration Management demo focuses on managing services and configuring a cluster for optimal performance.  It also demonstrates how to administer users within Cloudera Manager, configure role-based permissions, and better manage security.

Part II

Part II of the Service and Configuration Management demo explores decommissioning a node as well as deleting and adding roles within the cluster. This allows the graceful start, stop and restart of services as needed.

More information on Cloudera Manager is available here:

We released Cloudera Manager 3.7.3 on Feb 10. This release includes several bug fixes, performance enhancements and new features, including multi-master support for HBase and wizard-based validation of Cloudera Manager Database settings. More information available at: