Oracle selects CDH and Cloudera Manager as the Apache Hadoop Platform for the Oracle Big Data Appliance

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Cloudera users gain more choice, tighter Oracle integration. Cloudera partners gain increased validation of their platform choice.

Ed Albanese
Ed leads business development for Cloudera. He is responsible for identifying new markets, revenue opportunities and strategic alliances for the company.

Summary: Oracle has selected Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop (CDH) and Cloudera Manager software as core technologies on the Oracle Big Data Appliance, a high performance “engineered system.” Oracle and Cloudera announced a multiyear agreement to provide CDH, Cloudera Manager, and support services in conjunction with Oracle Support for use on the Oracle Big Data Appliance.

Announced at Oracle Open World in October 2011, the Big Data Appliance was received with significant market interest. Oracle reported then that it would be released in the first half of 2012. Just 10 days into that period, Oracle has announced that the Big Data Appliance is available immediately.

The product itself is noteworthy. Oracle has combined Oracle hardware and software innovations with Cloudera technology to deliver what it calls an “engineered system.” Oracle has created several such systems over the past few years, including the Exadata, Exalogic, and Exalytics products. The Big Data Appliance combines Apache Hadoop with a purpose-built hardware platform and software that includes platform components such as Linux and Java, as well as data management technologies such as the Oracle NoSql database and Oracle integration software.

We look forward to all that will be written about the features and performance of the Oracle Big Data Appliance. I expect most of it will be positive and deservedly so. I also would like to take this opportunity to share my thoughts on the market significance of this product for readers of this blog:

  • The Oracle Big Data Appliance is a tremendous validation of Apache Hadoop. The leading data management company in the world has released a highly engineered Apache Hadoop solution for global distribution.
  • CDH users everywhere will benefit from increased choice. The breadth and quality of tools, applications, systems and services that support the CDH platform will undoubtedly grow as the Oracle ecosystem moves to support the Oracle Big Data Appliance.
  • Oracle has made a decision to keep its entry into the Apache Hadoop market open source. Oracle customers who buy the Big Data Appliance get CDH bit for bit, unaltered and with the same license it currently ships with from – Apache v2.
  • Cloudera customers who use Oracle technologies benefit immediately from tighter integration with more Oracle products. The Big Data Appliance is engineered to work with Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle ExaLogic Elastic Cloud, Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine, Oracle NoSQL database and Oracle 11.

2011 was an excellent year for Cloudera partners and customers. Cloudera further cemented its reputation as platform vendor that delivers reliable, production-ready Apache Hadoop through a growing number of partners globally. We executed on a strategy to empower any vendor – big or small – to deliver competitively differentiated solutions based on Apache Hadoop to a fast growing user population that appreciates choice.

In 2011, Dell launched an excellent set of products ready to be used in both large and small clusters. SGI delivered a performance-oriented architecture and became a global reseller of Cloudera technologies. Storage leader NetApp delivered a novel solution that allows for high flexibility in separating storage from processing. The list of software vendors testing and certifying their products with CDH is big and growing quickly.

2012 promises to be an even better year for CDH users, if variety of solutions, breadth of distribution and supported integrations are the measurement criteria. Open source has always been about choice and we have always taken that commitment to choice for our customers and partners very seriously. The Oracle Big Data Appliance represents a unique solution from a market leader in data management software and demonstrates that Oracle is committed to delivering a world-class product that is competitively differentiated and compelling. This is great news for both users of CDH and all of the partners with whom Cloudera works. Oracle’s selection of CDH further ensures that Cloudera customers and partners are using the most reliable, most widely distributed Apache Hadoop technology stack on the planet.