Cloudera Manager 3.7 released

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Aparna Ramani is the Director of Engineering for Cloudera Enterprise.

Cloudera Manager 3.7, a major new version of Cloudera’s Management applications for Apache Hadoop, is now available. Cloudera Manager Free Edition is a free download, and the Enterprise edition of Cloudera Manager is available as part of the Cloudera Enterprise subscription.

Cloudera Manager 3.7 includes several new features and enhancements:

  • Automated Hadoop Deployment – Cloudera Manager 3.7 allows you to install the complete Hadoop stack in minutes.  We’ve now upgraded Cloudera Manager with the easy installation we first introduced in version 3.6 of SCM Express. (SCM Express is now replaced by Cloudera Manager Free Edition.).
  • Centralized Management UI – Version 3.5 of the Cloudera Management Suite included distinct modules for Resource Management, Activity Monitoring and Service and Configuration Management. In Cloudera Manager 3.7, all of these feature sets are now integrated into one centralized browser-based administration console.
  • Service & Configuration Management - We added several new configuration wizards to guide you in properly configuring HDFS and HBase host deployments, adding new hosts on demand, and adding/restarting services as needed. Cloudera Manager 3.7 now also manages Oozie and Hue.
  • Service Monitoring – Cloudera Manager monitors the health of your key Hadoop services—HDFS, HBase, MapReduce—and displays alerts on suspicious or bad health. For example, to determine the health of HDFS, Cloudera Manager measures the percentage of corrupt, missing, or under-replicated blocks. Cloudera Manager also checks if the NameNode is swapping memory or spending too much time in Garbage Collection, and whether HDFS has enough free space. Trends in relevant metrics can be visualized through time-series charts.
  • Log Search – You can search through all logs for Hadoop services across the whole cluster. You can also view results filtered by service, role, host, search phrase and log event severity.
  • Events and Alerts Cloudera Manager proactively reports on important events such as the change in a service’s health, detection of a log message of appropriate severity, or the slowness (or failure) of a job. Cloudera Manager aggregates the events for easy filtering and viewing, and you can configure Cloudera Manager to send email alerts.
  • Global Time Control – You can view the state of your system for any time period in the past. Combined with health state, events and log information, this feature serves as a powerful diagnostic tool.
  • Role-based Administration - Cloudera Manager 3.7 supports two types of users: admin users, who can change configs and execute commands and workflows; and read-only users, who can only monitor the system.
  • Configuration versioning and Audit trails – You can view a complete history of configuration changes with user annotations. You can roll-back to previous configuration states.
  • Activity Monitoring – The Activity Monitoring feature includes several performance and scale improvements.
  • Operational Reports – The ‘Resource Manager’ feature in the Cloudera Management Suite 3.5 is now in Cloudera Manager’s ‘Reports’ feature. You can visualize disk usage by user, group, and directory; you can track MapReduce activity on the cluster by job, or by user.
  • Support Integration – We’ve improved the Cloudera support experience by adding a feature that lets you send a snapshot of your cluster state to our support team for expedited resolution.
  • Cloudera Manager Free Edition and 1-click Upgrade – The Free Edition of Cloudera Manager includes a subset of the features described above. After you install Cloudera Manager Free Edition, you can easily upgrade to the Enterprise edition by entering a license key. Your data will be preserved as the Cloudera Manager wizard guides you through the upgrade.

You can download the new Cloudera Manager 3.7 at: . Check it out. We look forward to your feedback.

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