Apache HBase 0.90.5 is now available

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Apache HBase 0.90.5 is now available.  This release of the scalable distributed data store inspired by Google’s BigTable is a fix release that covers 81 issues, including 5 considered blockers, and 11 considered critical.  The release addresses several robustness and resource leakage issues, fixes rare data-loss scenarios having to do with splits and replication, and improves the atomicity of bulk loads.  This version includes some new supporting features including improvements to hbck and an offline meta-rebuild disaster recovery mechanism.

The 0.90.5 release is backward compatible with 0.90.4. Many of the fixes in this release will be included as part of CDH3u3.


A special thanks to everyone who contributed to the release (reporting issues, fixing bugs, reviewing changes, writing documentation, etc).


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