Hadoop World 2011: A Glimpse into Business Solutions

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Business Solutions is a Hadoop World 2011 track geared towards business strategists and decision makers. Sessions in this track focus on the motivations behind the rapidly increasing adoption of Apache Hadoop across a variety of industries. Speakers will present innovative Hadoop use cases and uncover how the technology fits into their existing data management environments. Attendees will learn how to leverage Hadoop to improve their own infrastructures and profit from increasing opportunities presented from using all of their data.

Preview of Business Solutions Track Sessions

Advancing Disney’s Data Infrastructure with Hadoop
Matt Estes, Disney Connected and Advanced Technologies

Gain insight into how Disney integrated Hadoop into their data infrastructure to solve some challenging use cases at Disney, ABC, and ESPN, while also considering cost effectiveness, scalability, data availability and providing Disney entities with new data driven business to consumer opportunities.

From Big Data to Lives Saved: HBase in HeathCare
Doug Meil, Explorys

Learn how Explorys built a healthcare platform based on a massively parallel computing model centered around Hadoop and HBase that spans billions of anonymized clinical records. Subscribers can search and analyze patient populations, treatment protocols, and clinical outcomes with this uniquely powerful solution for accelerating lifesaving discovery.

The Blind Men and the Elephant
Matthew Aslett, The 451 Group

Learn from The 451 Group’s latest research as to where Hadoop fits in the total data management landscape. This session will provide the insight into who is contributing to the Hadoop ecosystem, the vendors providing Hadoop solutions, how the expanding ecosystem is affecting the Apache Hadoop project, and what alternatives there are to Hadoop.

Using Hadoop to Change Company Culture
Amy O’Connor, Nokia

In this talk, Amy O’Conner will highlight the journey Nokia is taking to evolve its culture from a manufacturing model to a data driven model. Learn how Nokia is building a platform for cultural evolution on top of Hadoop, how they administrate their data and how the company conducts the analysis that is enabling Nokia to compete—with data.

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The Hadoop World agenda continues to grow and more breakout sessions are added daily. Remember to check regularly for updates and get registered for Hadoop World 2011.